Community Health Building

Can you do deep tissue massage?
I am able to work with either a deeper or lighter touch. During your first treatment we can discuss what your needs are and work together to find the pressure that is right for you.

How many treatments will I need?
I am often asked this question. For most muscle related dysfunction, the effects of massage are cumulative, therefore you may notice some change in muscle tension after one treatment but may not feel any lasting effects until you've had a series of treatments. Often times patients will continue to use massage therapy, after the initial problem is resolved, for maintenance or as a 'tune up' to help stop major muscle tension from returning.

I'm pregnant. Can I still have a massage?
Massage Therapy can be beneficial at any stage of pregnancy to relieve tension caused by changes in joint laxity as well changes during the baby's growth that affect mom's posture. I have worked with women at all different stages of their pregnancy to relieve neck and shoulder tension as well as back and hip pain.

Pregnancy massage can be performed with the patient lying on her side or with pregnancy cushions that enable mom to lie on her stomach comfortably, even in the third trimester.