What is Massage Therapy?

Massage Therapy is a hands on approach to treating soft tissue (muscles, fascia, tendons) dysfunctions in the body. Massage Therapy has been used for years, in different cultures, to treat chronic and acute injuries. Treatments can help to decrease muscle tension, which in turn may relieve general fatigue. Massage Therapy also improves the circulation of blood and lymph, which in turn aids the body in healing and disposal of wastes. Massage Therapy can calm the body's nervous system which may help with sleep and digestive issues.

What to Expect from a Massage Therapy Treatment

At your initial visit I will have you fill out a brief health history form and we will discuss what prompted you to come in for a treatment- whether it is mechanical dysfunction, pain and discomfort or just to relax. Each patient's treatment is different (as the needs of each patient vary) and your comfort is of the utmost importance. While massage therapy works best when applied directly to the skin I am able to work through clothing, if that is your preference. Only the area of the body being worked on will be uncovered and the amount of pressure I apply to the muscles is based on what you can tolerate.

Some patients have referred to the pressure needed to relieve tension in chronically tight muscles as the "good pain" because the discomfort during treatment will lead to relief in the long run. That being said, it is important to reiterate that the areas treated and the amount of pressure I use is based entirely on your consent and comfort level. In many instances, lasting relief may not be found in one treatment, but through a series of treatments or with ongoing massage for maintenance. We can discuss your treatment plan at your initial visit, along with any other questions you might have.

Is Massage Therapy Right for Me?

Massage Therapy may be useful after injuries to decrease swelling and in treating chronic injury sites, to increase mobility. Used in conjunction with regular chiropractic, massage is a great way to help maintain your physical well-being and is a drug-free way to manage many acute and chronic conditions including: